What is Sensorhost?

SensorHost is an innovative IoT (Internet of Things) sensing, control, and data logging system that provides users with a low cost, easy to use platform for monitoring, control, and reporting on almost anything that can be connected to a sensor.


How does it work?

Small, low cost sensor boxes are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi using your existing internet connection and the items you wish to monitor. These sensor boxes communicate with our web server, providing both measurement and control. Using the SensorHost web site, you can assign conditions (triggers) to individual sensor box signals that can perform an action (alert) when the condition is met. Actions are capable of sending emails, SMS text messages, and controlling an output on any of your sensor boxes (where the sensor box has an output).


What is a sensor box?

Sensor boxes are small physical electronic devices that connect what you want to measure to the internet and our web server. A single sensor box can have inputs (for measuring) and/or outputs (for controlling) depending on its model and configuration.

Various models of sensor boxes are available to measure various things such as temperature, humidity, pressure, switches (dry contacts) and more. New sensor box models are being developed all the time, with voltage, current, and solar radiation currently in the design stage.


Why do I need it?

Sensorhost was originally developed for monitoring and alerting of refrigerated medicine stores. Some medicines (including vaccines) are required to be stored at very specific temperatures to ensure it remains effective. A single medicine fridge may have tens of thousands of dollars of product being stored. A failure of the fridge could have various consequences from ineffective medicine to large replacement costs of product. Using Sensorhost to monitor the fridge, and alert the owner to a temperature problem if one occurs, allows the product to be relocated, or the fridge repaired before the product is no good.

If you are business with cold storage (cafe', restaurant, food manufacturing), think what would be the cost to your business if the cold storage failed Sunday night? When you open for business Monday morning, you may need to replace thousands of dollars of stock! Sensorhost can alert you before the temperature becomes critical, allowing you to relocate the stock or repair the refrigeration system preventing loss.


What can I measure?

We currently have several sensor boxes that provide the following;

  • SH10x - Single temperature sensor *
  • SH20x - Single temperature sensor and one switch input
  • SH30x - Single temperature sensor, one switch input, and one relay contact output
  • SH280 - Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, & Dew Point

* Temperature sensor -55°C to +125°C (±0.5°C accuracy -10 to 85°C), 0.1°C resolution. Usable range is -55°C to +65°C


How many sensors can I connect?

Essentially, there is no limit to the number of sensors you can connect to Sensorhost. Unlike traditional data loggers that are designed with a set number of inputs and outputs, Sensorhost is a powerful computer server capable of communicating with many thousands of sensors. Because you don't need to buy a data logger, our sensor prices and ongoing costs are extremely low compared with traditional data logging systems.


What are the costs?

Our primary goal when developing SensorHost was to provide an extremely affordable, reliable product that was incredibly simple to use. By moving the traditional 'data logger' away from the sensors and into our dedicated cloud server, then providing the sensors with a secure Wi-Fi connection to the internet via your existing internet connection, great cost savings were made.

Our Wi-Fi sensor boxes (each one contains one or more sensor signals) are priced from under $200. Each enabled sensor signal connected to Sensorhost incurs a small daily fee. This small ongoing fee allows us to provide and maintain the secure web server.



As we constantly improve and add new features to Sensorhost, these automatically become available to you as they are released, nothing to download, install, or return to the manufacturer.

Because each sensor box is connected to the internet, they automatically update their internal 'software' if required directly from our server.

With a traditional data logger and sensors, they would need to be returned to the manufacturer for updates & upgrades.


What about my data?

Your data is stored in our database and is keyed to your account. Only you can access your data. Once your data is two years old, our system may automatically delete it. Please ensure you download your data for each sensor to prevent data loss.

Your password is salted and is then stored using a one-way hash encryption, preventing even us knowing what your password is. If you forget your password, you can reset it using the forgot password link on the log-in page.